For Heavy Industry Facilities and Flour Mills

Advanced Jet Filter Control Systems

What is Jetmaster?

JETMASTER radically changes the logic of the jet filter cleaning system, which has been working in the same way for nearly a century, reducing energy consumption by 85% and blower oil temperature by 40C.


Jetmaster Advantages

JETMASTER reduces the energy consumption of jet pulsed filters by 85%.

JETMASTER reduces the blower oil operating temperature by 40°C, increasing the oil life span by 7.4 times.

JETMASTER pinpoints the fault by detecting filter bag groups that are not cleaned, filter bag bursts, air leaks in the tank, solenoid valves that do not click. It accurately detects filter bag change times by continuously measuring the filter bag filling.

Why Jetmaster?

Main reasons for choosing us!

By combining industrial experience and high technology, Jetmaster solves all the problems of jet filters and offers effective working performance..

  • Energy-saving

    Up to 85% energy savings can be achieved with Jetmaster devices. An annual energy saving of 1000USD per jet filter can be achieved in blower filters and 2000USD in compressor filters..

  • Quality service

    We dominate what we do, work meticulously and produce high quality services for our customers in all sectors.

  • High Ffficiency

    Jetmaster provides the highest level of efficiency thanks to its advanced artificial intelligence algorithm and patented technology that perfectly synchronizes compressed air production and consumption.

  • Low Costs

    In all our work, we optimize costs for the benefit of our customers and produce affordable solutions..

  • A quarter of a century of experience

    With nearly 25 years of industry experience, we provide our customers with the best products.

  • Fast service

    You can reach our products and services as soon as possible.



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